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About Wadi

About Wadi

Wadi is a town where essence of India can be felt in its every possible way. It is a small town situated in Gulbarga district of Karnataka state in India.  What is special about this place is its people. This town is home for people of almost every background, which comes from various regions of India. The district Gulbarga is close to Maharashtra state and Telangana State (Telangana is a state, which was formed in 2014 after separating from Andhra Pradesh). Its geographical location also adds up to the diverse background of people of Wadi.

Population of Wadi

This town has a population of about 38,000 thousand, which belongs mostly to the working class. Majorly cement industry and Indian railways have provided jobs to the locals from many years in Wadi. The male constitute 51% of the total population whereas 49% are females. The Literacy rate in the town is 54%, which is lower than the countries average literacy rate of 59.5%

Location of Wadi

The geographical location of Wadi makes it a major railway junction for trains. The Wadi Junction is not just any common station; it is where India’s important railway lines meet. Wadi - Secunderabad line that reaches Hyderabad meets Mumbai-Chennai line at Wadi Junction railway station. The Wadi - Secunderabad railway line was financed by Nizam of Hyderabad and was built in 1874. It was once part of Nizam’s guaranteed state railway. The chief trains that cross Wadi Junction railway station are Secunderabad  Mumbai Duronto Express, Karnataka Express, Konark Express, Udyan Express, Hussain sagar Express and Pune Secunderabad Shatabdi Express. Railways is hence one of the major sector where jobs are availed to the residents of Wadi.

Apart from its famous Railway Junction Wadi town has Cement plant of one of the leading cement brands in India ACC cement (Associated Cement Company limited). There are total two plant of the same company in this town. These cement plants ranks amongst the top Cement plant in the country. The distinctive feature about these cement plant is that it works on both new and old technology. Cement factory is also, where most of the Wadi population has found jobs, after the cement factory employment in Indian railway is highly observed in this town.

Tourism in Wadi

The tourism business in Wadi is not yet flourished properly. There are only two important location visited by local and people around Wadi, the Hnuman Temple and Astaane Qaudri Halkatta Sharif dargah. The Hanuman temple is about 6 km away from the main town in a village called Knochur. The temple was built year ago for worshiping Hanuman deity. Hanuman is a Hindu Deity who idolized god Rama and proved to be very helpful to him in tough time. Astaane Qaudri Halkatta Sharif dargah is known after a Sufi saint. People of every background visit this dargah, it is also 6 km away from the main town of Wadi.

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